Crystals without profiles

Our crystals without profiles are the perfect solution for your home or business, gain square footage with our free glass enclosure of vertical profiles of terraces, attics, porches, patios, villas and businesses. It can be used to close spaces or separate rooms.

With them you may use your favorite room in the house throughout the year, keep it open in the summer, spring and autumn may be protected from winds uncomfortable with the semi-open system and in winter will not notice the cold and increase the temperature of your home with energy savings involved.


Opening to the left
Opening to the right
Joint Opening (Let and right)
Form U on the left
c U on the right
Form U mixta Izq and Der
In L on the left
In L on the right
In L with opening Mixta
En semicírculo on the left .
Joint semicircular on the right
Joint semicircular

Press the system is best for you to view a simulation of its operation

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