Every day more people choose PVC windows for their homes because of the enormous advantages over other materials. PVC has a lifespan of 60 years, is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, is waterproof, lightweight and durable, and it requires no maintenance. All these properties make PVC an ideal choice for the manufacture of doors and windows.

The PVC is also an organic product because it is composed of  57% of salt, can be completely recycled, and because of its insulating capacity helps reduce CO2 emissions of greenhouse gases.

Aluminum Cuesta will help you choose the material that best suits your needs, depending on the location or development where it resides, taking into account the noise, sun exposure, temperature and weathering conditions ...


Aluminum is a ductile material, abundant and fully recyclable, its expansion is co-efficient and small. New manufacturing techniques have made profiles that support a double glazing. In its original state aluminum achieves an anodized silver colour, like polished steel but without the oxidation (i.e it does not rust).  Aluminum can be easily lacquered to therefore last long in good condition.

The lacquer finish is elegant silky and strong, like painting a car. The new European grid has gotten cheaper aluminum production costs as a European grid sliding window with double glazing, is the cheapest option if you do not have to endure the noise of a main road. It would also be the best option if you have to endure the sun for many hours a day. The expansion of aluminum is very low and it transmits the temperature very well (i.e keeping the cold out and the heat in) therefore in climate such as spains.....THIS IS YOUR MATERIAL!!!

For the same reason if you want a higher thermal insulation must go to the profiles of thermal break. This grid has isolated inner cells get to stop transmission of the temperature. Although this option is much more expensive and the expense must be justified. For example: If you live in Soria, or in Burgos, with long, harsh winters should opt for a thermal break. If you are in a place safe from the cold or mild winters you can mount a European would outline, since the expense is disproportionate to the use to which it will provide. You would not buy a van if you are not carrying materials. Nor would buy a next-generation multimedia computer if it is not a graphic designer and makes the same household. 

If your property is exposed to heat and the sun aluminium would be your most suitable material to use as it is very durable.

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